Goals for 2014 Update

Seeing as it’s now July, I think it’s appropriate to look back on the goals I set on New Years Day and see what I’ve managed to achieve and where I need to do some work. I also realise there are some goals I won’t be able to achieve this year as I got a bit too enthusiastic earlier this year!


Achieved! I have read 52 books already as I read 2 books on average a week. I may have to do a few reviews on what I’ve read. We also moved to a new, warm and mould free apartment in January. I also grew my hair out to my collarbones.

Ongoing- My mental health is good and I am quite happy these days. I’ve also been trying really hard to be more organised and be better at keeping in contact with people. The big project though is learning how to drive and I just got my renewed learners permit in the post.

Need to do- I need to decide when I’m going to do my no spend month and my junk food free month, I’m thinking sometime in Autumn.

Never going to happen- I will probably not get around to taking French lessons this year, I’m just too lazy!

Health & Fitness

Ongoing- I recently joined the gym and started running again so hopefully will be posting some 5km results soon. I also have started doing yoga classes in Fitzgerald Park which Cork Himalaya Yoga are running in support of the Simon Community, and taking TRX classes. My diabetes is well under control as well!

Need to do- I know where the climbing wall are in Cork, and I just need to book a climbing course… again, sometime in Autumn!

Never going to happen- Learning how to swim is being put on the backburner for this year again, next year maybe!


Ongoing- I’m trying my best to blog more frequently but unfortunately it all slipped to the back of my mind in recent months as I have been so busy with work… but I’m going to try harder.


Achieved! I bought a new camera body, a Nikon D7000 and am delighted with it.

Ongoing- I’m trying to be more active with my photography, going out more frequently with my camera and will join the photography club here when it is active again in Autumn.

Cooking & Baking

Achieved! I think I have found the perfect chocolate fudge cake, I’ll post the recipe soon!

Ongoing- I’m still organised my cookbook collection and menu planning each week. I’m experimenting more in the kitchen and eating more vegetables and fish than I ever have before in my life!

Need to do- I planned on making my own bread this year but to be honest, I don’t really eat that much bread any longer. I will make sure that if I am eating bread, it’ll be homemade.


Ongoing- So far this year, I’ve gone up to Dublin for a few days, spent a weekend in Limerick, and gone exploring in Cork where we live and in Galway where himself is from.

Need to do- I said that I would visit more friends who are living abroad but so many of them are visiting Ireland this year or have moved back, that these plans have been pushed out.


I think I’ve actually done pretty okay so far this year with regards to my goals but I need to push on with some of them! I’ll update in 3 months and hopefully this will keep me motivated to complete them.

2 Thoughts on “Goals for 2014 Update

  1. Commendable work. Hope you’re enjoying that satisfied feeling.

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